Apart from Australia-Malaysia shipping, Kaybix Kargo service also offer Malaysia-Australia import service upon request either Door-to-Door or Port-to-Door. We never have any problem in dealing with the Australia Border Security Protection as well as Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

If you are moving to Australia, and have tons of stuff which you don’t want to leave behind, we are here for you.

If you want to grow your business in Australia, and want to import your products to Australia, we are here for you.


The service is available upon request. For this service, we cater for both business and personal import. 

Contact us at KBCargo@kaybix.com to get our assistance.


Door to Door (D2D) Personnel Effects no vehicle, we will require minimum 5 cubic spaces as we are organising on demand basis.

5 cubics space RM10,000.00

5 cubics up to 20 ft container : RM21,000.00


Includes :

– Port charges both sides Malaysia and Australia

– Manpower

– Fumigation

– Standard clearance

– Delivery within 45KM from CBD


Excludes :

– Custom Taxes and Duties (usually it is zero-rated for Personnel Effects)

– Bio Security/Quarantine Fees (100% a must if there’s food)

– Port Storage & Demurrage (if any, but this can be avoided if all paperworks are completed upfront)

– Warehouse Storage (if any)


A bit expensive ? Yes as we do it on demand basis. It is a bit difficult to do consolidation from Malaysia as it will take a while to get Full Container Load.


For business shipment, especially food, we have no problem organising your shipment as we have done in the past for cosmestic and personal health products, however, the sender or exporter will need to ensure they have completed the permit etc if required.